Aesthetic Rooms With LED Lights: 20 Cute Ideas

Aesthetic rooms with LED lights are having a major moment right now, and we’re all for it! And the simplest way to transform your room into an aesthetic room are LED lights. You know, aesthetic rooms are trendy among TikTok users nowadays. Because they are distinguished by the presence of greenery, muted colors, and fun … Read more

Why Won’t My LED Lights Turn On?

Why Won't My LED Lights Turn On

If you’ve been using LED lights or LED strip lights for a while, you’ve probably encountered various problems that require troubleshooting. Sometimes your LED lights may not turn on, sometimes your LED lights suddenly stop working, and sometimes your LED lights may not work after cutting them! But here you are because your LED lights … Read more

Best outdoor waterproof LED strip lights 2022 [Top 5]

When you go to buy LED strip lights for your outdoor use, you must think about whether the LED strip lights are waterproof or not! We believe that it doesn’t need to be described why you will use waterproof LED strip lights for your outdoor use! So, as you are finding the best outdoor waterproof … Read more

Are LED Strip Lights Bad For Your Eyes?

are led strip lights bad for your eyes

LED lights are popular these days due to their eye-catching colors and simple design. Aside from their magical appearance, these lights use less energy than traditional lights. Even with all of the benefits and advantages, you cannot ignore the health effects of these lights. For that, the question arises in mind, “Are LED Strip Lights … Read more