Best Lamp for Computer Desk you should check

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Computer desks are a must-have in every office because they serve as platforms for desktop computers, printers, and other essential workstations. However, while it may be just a platform for work equipment, never underestimate the importance of computer desk lighting since, without proper illumination at night or in dark areas, you can’t get your job done. In this article we are going to explore the best lamp for computer desk only for you!

Best Lamp for Computer Desk
Best Lamp for Computer Desk

What are the best lamp for computer desk?

Several different types of lights can be utilized as computer desk lights. They range from natural light to LEDs and fluorescent bulbs, each having its perks and drawbacks.

First, natural light. The best part is that it is free, but you will need some Windows to use it. Since the computer desk is placed on the floor, it can’t provide optimum light coverage, especially if you sit far away from the window, so your face will cast a shadow.

Second, LEDs. They produce more light than conventional bulbs, making them more effective and providing bright illumination for your workstation at night or in dim rooms. The best things about these lights are their durability and energy efficiency. They last longer compared to fluorescents, and they don’t consume as much power as other lighting types. However, one major downside of using LED lights is that they emit a blueish or reddish spectrum of light that constricts the eyes, mainly when used for long periods. Though different types of lighting produce soft white light, they are still the same when it comes to eye strain. Click here to know more benefits of LED light!

Next, fluorescent bulbs can also provide bright illumination like LEDs, but since they produce less heat, you don’t even need a lampshade, thus making them perfect for small offices. The best thing about these fluorescent lights is that they give off a warm yellow light, ideal for working conditions. Though they may be more expensive than LEDs, they last longer and require less maintenance. However, like LED lighting, fluorescent bulbs can cause muscle tension in your eyes due to their glaring nature. Click here to know more benefits of fluorescent bulbs !

Lastly, halogen lamps are best for computer desk lighting because, unlike other types of lights that emit different colors or spectrums of light, halogen lamps provide a bright white light that is best for reading and writing. They produce a warm, yellowish illumination that creates a soothing environment, thus facilitating concentration on your work. You will need a lampshade to avoid brightness and heat buildup, but it’s still worth the investment since these types of bulbs last longer than fluorescents.

Although several lighting fixtures are available on the market today, it all boils down to your convenience. If you find LED lights or fluorescent bulbs beneficial at night or in dim rooms, then, by all means, get one, especially since they consume less power and save more money over time, plus they don’t require regular maintenance as halogen lamps do.

What kind of lamp do you need for your space? What kind of lamp is best for your computer desk? We bring the suitable lamp that is perfect for helping answer this question.

Best Lamp for Computer Desk

With so many different desk lamps on the market, it’s hard to know which one will meet all of your needs. Luckily for you (and me), I’ve compiled an extensive list with some great picks! Here are eight best lamp for your computer desk.

BenQ e-Reading LED Desk Lamp

BenQ LED desk lamp is one of the best lamp for computer desk. This lamp is a must-have for your home or office. It provides the perfect amount of light to read, study, or work on projects. The warm tones are great for casual reading, while the cool tones are ideal for concentration and office lighting. This energy-efficient LED desk lamp will save you money by using less power than traditional bulbs.

It allows you to position the light in any direction and at any height without hassle. You can easily switch from using warm tones for casual reading to more simple techniques for concentration. It is a fantastic feature for those who want to read before bed or work late at night without disturbing others. You can also switch from the cool tones during the day to the warm tones in the evening.

This BenQ e-Reading LED Desk Lamp is a perfect accessory for your home office, study, or living room. It delivers 150% wider lighting coverage, creating an illuminated area in a 35-inch light range and illuminance of 1800 lux.

The lamp has four different colors to choose from: cool white (6000K), warm white (3000K), red, and blue. You can easily switch between the four colors with just one touch of a button on the lamp’s base. The color changes instantly as you adjust it up or down.


The desk lamp is well designed to provide a fantastic amount of light for your desktop computer. It has various warmth settings, is tall enough so you can see the screen when sitting at it quickly, and the controls are simple and make use easy! The only drawback may be its large size; this might not work in smaller spaces where space could get cramped with other furniture presents like bookshelves or shelves full of media files etc.


A large frame might not suit small spaces. For instance, if you have an interior room with limited height and width, it is best for both parties involved to find something different so they don’t feel cramped during the use of the room. Best

Architect LED Desk Lamp for Home Office

The OTUS architect desk lamp is the first touchless LED table lamp for the home office. This innovative, designer lamp has a beautiful and elegant design that will beautify your room. It comes with a wide range of dimming levels to give you the perfect light intensity for any task or mood, all controlled by just one finger! You can also control it with voice commands, so you don’t even need to use your hands at all! The best part? Your fingers never have to touch it! This feature will prevent you from putting scratches on the lamp’s surface.

The architect’s LED desk lamp automatically turns on when you enter the room, and it will turn off itself after a few minutes if no one has been detected in front of it, which can save you money on electricity. It comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that will hold up for at least eight hours after each full charge.

This architect’s desk lamp is designed to keep you safe and at the optimal comfort level for your eyes while using it. It means that you won’t experience any eye strain or tiredness when working, reading, studying, etc. It also comes with a USB port, so you can charge your smartphone or tablet without having to search around for a power outlet.

This Best-LED Desk Lamp gives you all the benefits of an adjustable LED light on your computer desk. It comes with a 60-degree swivel to point light wherever it’s needed, two brightness settings (2500K and 5000K) for different uses, and six different light colors (white, gold, green, blue, red, and purple) so you can choose based on your mood or the task at hand. It also comes with an adjustable brightness level to help reduce eye strain while working in front of the computer; it has three levels of brightness to choose from.


The architect LED desk lamp can be used as a regular or bedside lamp with its intelligent ambient light sensor, which will detect the room’s brightness and adjust accordingly. The design is elegant and looks great in any modern office space!


Like other lamps on the market, the architect LED desk lamp is not compatible with Apple or iOS devices.

Drevet LED Desk Table Lamp

The Drevet LED Desk Table Lamp is an excellent choice for your home, office, college dorm, school, hotel, and more. With a simple design that can fit into any room décor, from modern to traditional style, it’s also perfect for secretaries, typists, editors, accountants, and more. For homework or study at night, or book reading. Ideal for computer desk work or writing desk work. This lamp is perfect for bedroom nightstands and end tables too! You will love this stylish table lamp.

The sleek and modern design of this lamp is perfect for professionals on the go. It has three USB ports and two power outlets, so you can charge your phone or laptop without having to turn off what’s lit up in between work sessions, and it also comes with a touch dimmer control! Control the amount of light that shines out from behind closed doors when there’s no natural sunlight available by using the timer function as well—set one minute apart just like we do every day at home before bedtime starts rolling around again.


The light arm is moveable, and there are a variety of lighting options, including dimmer switches.


The “warm” color of light is a sickly shade, almost like urine.

LumiCharge LED Smart Adjustable Desk Lamp

The LumiCharge LED Smart Adjustable Desk Lamp is the perfect all-in-one workstation. Which is also one of the best lamp for computer desk! Not only does this lamp have a functional LED desk lamp, but it also has a convenient place to charge your phone. This innovative LED desk lamp can also be adjusted for optimal directional lighting. The LumiCharge contains a universal charging dock and 10W WIRELESS CHARGER, so you can charge it with ease no matter what type of cell phone you have! This lamp version has a touch-sensitive control for easy adjustment and uses only one hand.

There are five lighting modes to choose from, adjustable brightness levels and an “energy saver” mode that reduces the amount of light emitted. The best thing about this lamp is that it lacks a bulky or heavy base! It’s lightweight with a sturdy frame, so all the positioning doesn’t come at the cost of making your cubicle feel like an earthquake zone. The best part is that it comes with a 12-month warranty!


The five light modes and adjustable brightness levels allow you to customize this lamp for any task or mood. The touch control is also quite convenient and easy to use, and the USB charger is a plus.


The frame of this lamp feels flimsy and cheap, not sturdy at all. The base also wobbles quite a bit when touched or bumped into slightly.

Phive LED Task Lamp

Phive is a new kind of LED task lamp that will change the way you work. This lamp has been designed with asymmetric circuits to light up the screen space, which could help to reduce the reflecting light effectively. Phive also features an adjustable gooseneck that allows you to tip the lamp in any position and cast the light wherever you want. Flexible gooseneck is made of silicone, which is very sturdy and makes no noise when you adjust it. A metal clamp means you can mount this lamp anywhere you need it. Power it from your laptop, power bank, or USB wall charger. Best of all, this lamp comes with a multi-function dimming feature.


The gooseneck has a solid and sturdy feel and can be easily bent into place without much pressure! The silicone gripping material holds stable on glass or wood surfaces and doesn’t slip or move around when in use.


There is no “turn off” switch, and the lamp stays on until it times out after a certain amount of time. The light also looks pretty bright, even when turned down halfway—best for reading or writing but not viewing computer screens at night or for extended periods.

Eppiebasic Architect Clamp Desk Lamps

EppieBasic Architect Clamp Desk Lamp is designed to illuminate every corner of your desk. It has 160 LEDs, 31.5 inches in length, offers 2350lux (about 100w incandescent bulb equivalent) to brighten every corner of your desk. It creates a brilliant directed lighting design (45 degrees beam angle); eppiebasic lamp lights are fully diffused and light gently without flickering. Thus, no direct lights go into your eyes and the monitor screen.

It is featured a memory function; your last lighting setting will be turned on again when the lamp is turned on again.


It is lightweight and adjustable but still sturdy enough to feel stable even when clamped to a desk or shelf. This lamp also has very little heat output, which is nice if you don’t have air conditioning. The arm of the light can be adjusted so quickly thanks to its unique clamp design!


No complaints.

LED Desk Lamp

This LED desk lamp features a touch button on the base; you can touch to open the lamp and change brightness (3 Level brightness) by your wish. The intelligent table lamp has a CRI of more than 90; the lighting is more natural and soft. The eye-caring table lamp is designed to be a smooth, stable, and non-flickering light. It will not fatigue your eyes, even after a long period of use. It’s an excellent ideal for working, studying, reading and relaxing.


The base and arm of this lamp feel very sturdy and durable, not cheap at all. The brightness settings allow for a nice even glow that won’t mess with your eyes when trying to read or work on your computer in low-light situations. It’s got a cool-looking design that doesn’t look like it belongs in an office or study space!


There is no “turn off” switch, and the lamp stays on until it times out after a certain amount of time. Best suited for reading or writing but not viewing computer screens. Best used near a wall outlet because it does not come with a USB cord, so you need the plug to power the device.

AFROG Multifunctional LED Desk Lamp

The AFROG desk lamp is the perfect choice for your desk, nightstand, or anywhere else you need a little more light. Its portable and compact design makes it easy to transport when you’re on the go. Its portable and compact design makes it convenient to take with you when you’re on the go. This LED desk lamp has five different lighting modes and five different brightness levels to be used in any situation. The AFROG multifunctional 5V2A adapter USB charging port and fast wireless charger (needs 5V/2A adapter, already included) desktop led lamp is very convenient for charging your phone when you are sleeping or working.


This lamp is great for traveling, and it also feels very sturdy and well made. It’s the perfect size to fit on a coffee table, bedside table, or desk without taking up too much space but has a decent enough range of motion to shine a light on what you need lighting on. Best suited for reading or writing but not viewing computer screens at night or for extended periods.


The power button seems like it’s more likely to turn itself off rather than getting stuck down as some other controls might- this could be frustrating if you’re touching it frequently while trying to read something that requires screen illumination! Best used near a wall outlet because it does not come with a USB cord, so you need the plug to power the device. Best suited for reading or writing but not viewing computer screens at night or for extended periods.

TORCHSTAR Metal Swing Arm Desk Lamps

Torchstar Metal Swing Arm Desk Lamps is a magical desk lamp that illuminates anywhere you desire by quickly swinging up and down its arm and turning around its lampshade.Even more amazing, it can stand on a table and clamp on a desk, shelf, or headboard. Its user-friendly design will bring you a lot of joy and convenience. Lamp base and shade can be rotated almost to any angle, and the flexible spring-balanced adjustable arm can be extended up to 18″ in height, providing a large lighting area in a small space.Some dark corners could be illuminated well without creating a glare on your furniture or computer monitor. The gooseneck clamp can also adjust its width from 1″ to 2.6″. The holder diameter is up to 0.8″. It fits most tables, shelves, headboards, etc., making this lamp stand out from other lights by plenty of flexibility and possibilities.


This lamp feels very sturdy and well made. I love that it swivels 360 degrees, so you’re never limited in where you position it! Best suited for reading or writing but not viewing computer screens at night or for extended periods. Best used near a wall outlet because it does not come with a USB cord, so you need the plug to power the device. Best suited for reading or writing but not viewing computer screens at night or for extended periods.


This lamp is too bright to use directly in your eye line when sitting at a desk and focusing on a screen, making it best used as a secondary light source.

How should you position a desk lamp?

The way you position a lamp on your desk can affect whether or not eye strain is experienced. Our experts recommend finding the perfect spot so that any reflections off screens aren’t bothersome, and for this reason, “If using an additional light source in conjunction with a backlit screen (tablet/laptop), it’s best to have illumination provided by lamps match up brightness level reflected from the monitor,” said Bert

“It’s also good practice–although uncommon due to largely greater awareness about ergonomics among workers today—to keep these devices at least six inches away when working near them.”

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