Best outdoor waterproof LED strip lights 2022 [Top 5]

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When you go to buy LED strip lights for your outdoor use, you must think about whether the LED strip lights are waterproof or not! We believe that it doesn’t need to be described why you will use waterproof LED strip lights for your outdoor use! So, as you are finding the best outdoor waterproof LED strip lights, we are listing the best outdoor LED strip lights that are undoubtedly waterproof! Hold on tight till the end!

LED Strip Light

LEDs are low-cost, high-power, and versatile. They use almost no electricity to operate when compared to traditional bulbs.

They’re frequently RGB compatible, giving you a customizable and cool aesthetic that’s difficult to achieve otherwise.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg for why LEDs are being used in everything from commercial housing to computer cases.

These lights have a simple way to illuminate the exterior of your home without making a big deal out of it.

These lights are ideal for use in gardens, patios, porches, walkways, garages, under cabinets, stairwells, and other outdoor areas where lighting is required.

But how do you find the best outdoor waterproof led strip lights from various options? Don’t be concerned!

We reviewed a wide range of LED strip lights and will present our recommendations for the most effective LED strip lights in various categories.

We hope that this review is helpful to you as you look for the best type of lighting for your home.

Buying Guides for Waterproof Outdoor LED Light Strip

Before going to the list of best outdoor waterproof led strip lights, it would be best if you read the buying guide for waterproof outdoor LED strip lights. But if you don’t want to read the guide, you can skip this section!

At a glance what should you consider before buying?

  • Are the outdoor LED strip lights waterproof?
  • What are the size and materials?
  • What is the density of the outdoor LED strip lights?
  • What about the light and brightness of the outdoor LED strip lights?
  • What about the temperature and color of the outdoor LED strip lights?
  • How can you control the lights?
  • What’s the installation process?
  • How about the visual effect of the lights?
  • What are the safety features of the outdoor LED strip lights?

Rating of water resistance

Make sure your led light strip is waterproof before you start. Choose a waterproof light strip based on the weather and how much protection it will need.

This type needs an IP65 or a better waterproof rating. Light strips must be water-resistant to a certain level, like IPX3, IPX4, or IPX5.

Size and Material of the Strip

A good thing to do is think about what kind of LED strips you need and how big or small they are.

If you think about where and how to use the led lights, you can determine which type will work best for your needs.

People usually make these things out of PVC or silicone rubber, which has their good points.

LED Density

When you buy your waterproof outdoor led strip, the number of LEDs per meter is also an important thing to think about.

Having a higher density means that the strip lights can give off more light, which may be needed depending on how much space the lights cover.

Light and Brightness

A higher lumen value will make a waterproof led light strip that is brighter and more intense for tasks. You can figure out how many lumens you need for your application.

Temperature and Color

The temperature and color of the light strip can make you think about what to do. People can buy LED lights in many different colors, like warm white or daylight, so they can match their decor. Some outdoor waterproof led bulbs also have different types of flashing patterns.


A simple on/off switch or an RF remote control can be used to turn on and off the lights on a strip of lights.

Also, you can choose single-color or multi-color strips based on how many colors you want in your strips.


The installation of water-resistant LED strip lights outside should also be thought about.

Some LED strip lights have a simple “plug and play” feature that makes things easier, while others need extra things like a power source or a controller.

Self-adhesive strips make it easier to put the lights in, and no extra equipment is needed.

Light Visual Effect

The look of the led light strips is also an important thing to think about. Some are just for show, but others are used to add lighting to specific parts of the room.

It has synchronized music and strobe lights, making it great for party decorations.

Timer and Memory Functions

You might also want to think about lights with timers or memory functions, which make them turn on and off at certain times. Even better is if they can remember how it was used before.


Finally, you need to think about how safe your product is. Choose a light strip with the proper voltage and strength to avoid accidents and other problems.

It is essential to think about these things when you choose waterproof outdoor led strip lights. This will help you make sure that you buy the right thing for your needs.

Best outdoor waterproof LED strip lights

Here we have listed the best 15 outdoor waterproof LED strip lights. Please check them out and buy the one of your choices!

Daybetter Outdoor Waterproof Led Strip Lights

Our ratings: 9/10

best outdoor waterproof led strip lights

Daybetter strip lights are ideal for adding a touch of sophistication and glamour to any indoor or outdoor setting. The LED lights are multicolored and bright, and the strip can be dimmed. Furthermore, the resin material makes it waterproof.

This is a long light strip that can be mounted anywhere. It can be powered by either an extension cable or a battery pack. There are 300 LEDs spaced evenly apart to provide ample lighting. This product is long-lasting, and it is made of plastic and resin.

The Daybetter Waterproof Outdoor Led Strip Lights is an 18-watt LED strip with 12 volts. It can also be used to decorate the living room, bedroom, TV back, ceiling, kitchen, desk stairways, and other areas.

These LED lights are ideal for anyone looking for a versatile and long-lasting light source. The lights are powered by corded electricity and can be controlled by an infrared remote, allowing easy color adjustment.

They will provide you with all of the rainbow’s colors and a 44-key remote that allows you to adjust color, brightness, cool white, and 16 other colors.

There is no limit to the number of sets of these lights that can be used in a single room. As a result, if you want some high-quality lighting, this is your product!

  • Super simple to setup
  • The colors are great
  • Remote control
  • Waterproof
  • The adhesive is not much strong
  • Can not cut


Q: Can the lights be changed into multi-colored on the remote?

Ans: Yes, you can choose from a variety of modes. You can also customize the color, flash, and speed. Choose what you are passionate about. It is appropriate for any activity.

Q: Can 2 of these sets be attached together?

Ans: Two strands of lights can be connected to a single power source. The last strand farthest away from the power adapter fades if you add a third strand. You needed three power adapters and six strands to complete your task. So, in a nutshell, yes. A second set can be connected, but it may not be as bright as the first.

Q: Why aren’t the lights turning on?

Ans: If you’ve connected everything and plugged it in and it still doesn’t work, it could be a faulty unit. Please try to replace this one!

Q: Do I hook the power supply to the car battery?

Ans: You can, but you’ll need a dedicated 12v cord with the proper plug on the other end.

Q: Can it be cut?

Ans: No, it can not be!

Areful LED Rope Indoor/Outdoor Lights

Our ratings: 9/10

Areful LED Rope Light is simple to install, connect, and use. These are one of the best outdoor waterproofs led strip lights. As a safety feature, this product includes a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other) and two electrical fuses (one in use and one as a spare).

Areful LED Rope Lights can be extended. A coaxial connector can connect up to 65.6ft of cable. The bendable feature allows it to be bent.

The flat shape blends in better with the object being decorated and perfectly meets your decorative lighting needs.

These rope lights are highly resistant to water splashing, making them ideal for indoor or outdoor embellishment.

However, the controller box should be protected from the elements when used outdoors. Assure that all connections and the end cap on the final segment are securely fastened to prevent water from entering.

  • one of the best lights for outdoor use
  • The colors are bright dimmable
  • Great customer service
  • Very easy to install
  • Waterproof
  • May face remote issue after couple of months


Q: Can I cut the light strip?

Ans: This rope light set comprises five parallel units that are 3.28 feet long each. Because it can only be cut from the intersection of two units, the shortest length is 3.28 feet, not 1 foot. And only the one with a male plug can be used, not the other. This results in waste and is not waterproof. I do not advise cutting. You should purchase other products that can be cut.

Q: Is the power adapter waterproof/rated for outdoor outlets?

Ans: No, the power adapter is not waterproof and should be kept dry when used outside. However, the rope lights are made of heavy-duty materials to withstand the wear and tear of year-round outdoor use.

Q: Do it have a wireless remote controller, either radio or wifi?

Ans: No, the remote control is linked to the controller; simply replacing the remote control will not work. These rope lights come with infrared remote control. It is simple to use, but it is more demanding on the environment. Please ensure that nothing is in the way of the remote control and the infrared sensor. In addition, to change the settings when the environment is red or too dark, move the remote closer to the controller.

Q: What is the diameter of the rope lights

Ans: These rope lights are flat. It’s 0.53 inches wide and 0.24 inches thick.

Q: Can I use these lights inside of the above pool?

Ans: Do not immerse the strip light in liquids or use it near standing water or other liquids.

Govee Smart LED Strip Lights

Our ratings: 8/10

best outdoor waterproof led strip lights

Govee LED strip lights will brighten up your outdoor spaces. These lovely lights, controlled by your smartphone or voice assistant, are ideal for adding a touch of luxury to any party or event.

The lights are voice-controlled with Google Assistant and Alexa, are simple to install, and the light colors are customizable.

You can create a stylish and colorful atmosphere in your home with the Govee Smart RGB Wifi Led Strip Outdoor Waterproof Lights.

It can also be used for other weddings or outdoor parties. There are numerous colors to choose from.

Perhaps the most challenging part was figuring out how to install them to end up near a power outlet without looking ridiculous. You can cut it to fit, but who wants to waste good strip lighting?

We’ve already mentioned how great the Alexa integration is! You can turn the lights on and off, adjust the brightness (“Alexa, set the bed lights to 30%”), and change the color (“Alexa, set the light bed color to light blue.”). You can also select colors such as “bright white,” “soft white,” etc.

The lights strobe in time with the music. The louder the music, the better the effect. It was entertaining for about ten minutes, but it seemed a little silly.

We believe that these led strip lights look much better when installed for “indirect” lighting. Rather than staring at the strips, install them behind something and allow the soft, colored light to leak out evenly from behind the object. It’s very appealing.

  • Very easy to install
  • Works with Alexa
  • Long lasting
  • 2 Years warranty
  • Indoor use only
  • Not waterproof


Q: Can I shorten the strip?

Ans: A connector kit, which is available on Amazon, can be used to connect two or more strips. You can order a Redtron kit with several connectors to fit various situations, which may work well.

Q: Does this work with Siri’s and HomeKit?

Ans: No, the led light strip is not compatible with Siri or HomeKit. It can be controlled via the Govee Home app, Google Home, or Alexa.

Q: Can I cut these to make corners and reattach them with the L connectors?

Ans: Yes. To connect the cutting pieces to the original sections, you’ll need to purchase four-pin strip light connectors.

Q: Where do I cut to shorten the strip?

Ans: You may be able to cut the strip light along the golden marks. If you don’t buy four-pin strip light connectors to connect the cut section to the first section, it won’t work.

Q: Will this sync with whatever is playing on the TV?

Ans: It’s not perfect in the sync department.

Echosari Battery Powered Outdoor Led Strip Lights

Our ratings: 8/10

These lights are simple to install. Simply stick them to the medium where you want them to go. Because the light strip is flexible, small, and thin, no one will notice it.

It has a few different models and speeds to choose from, you can dim/brighten the lights, and it’s a great nightlight that meets all of your needs! It has a memory function, so you don’t have to redo the settings every night.

You can set a timer, and the strip lights will be on for 6 hours and off for 18 hours per day, allowing them to last longer and eliminating the need to turn them on and off.

The strip’s adhesive backing is sticky enough to adhere to a clean surface. It can be cut to the desired length; each LED on the strip can be snipped along the provided line, and the part connected to the battery pack will continue to function normally.

  • The color of the LEDs is nice and warm
  • Contains double-sided tape
  • Can cut it to any length
  • Very easy to install
  • Waterproof
  • No battery included


Q: Can 2 strips be spliced together?

Ans: Yes! Just search for led strip connectors.

Q: Can you purchase another battery pack for these lights?

Ans: No

Q: Can the timer be set for other than 8 hours on and 16 hours of?

Ans: No. And the batteries run out really fast when on the timer. Maybe a week or two.

Q: Can you buy a separate remote?

Ans: No

Q: Does each strip come in a 32-foot length?

Ans: This particular light strip is only 3 meters long or 9.8ft.

HitLights Outdoor LED Strip Lights

Our ratings: 8/10

best outdoor waterproof led strip lights

HitLights Outdoor LED Strip Lights have a long lifespan – high-quality LED strip lights can be used for more than 60000 hours. These have a high Lumen count and are much brighter than other LED strips.

This IP67 water-resistant outdoor light strip can be installed outdoors and withstand rain and snowfall, making it ideal for use on a balcony, roof, backyard, garden, patio, porch, or anywhere else.

It can be installed quickly and easily right out of the box – no soldering, electrical experience, or tools are required – and it will last for years with minimal power requirements.

This company provides an excellent warranty. For peace of mind, HitLights offers a 6-year warranty.

  • Waterproff
  • Easy to install
  • Long Lasting Durability
  • Can be used for more than 60000+ hours
  • Much brighter than other brand LED strips
  • Power Adapter is not included in the package


Q: Does this have everything necessary to work or does it need additional items?

Ans: At the very least, you’ll require a power supply. If you intend to install these lights outside, you should use your landscape lights if you have them. It’s much easier and less expensive than using a standard 120V transformer. Your landscape transformer produces 12 volts of alternating current. The LED requires 12V DC. We recommend purchasing one of these to complete the conversion. Because it is a small device, it is easier to conceal. One-third of the cost of buying the transformers and a timer to control them. It’s available here!

Q: Is this light strip compatible with all adapters?

Ans: They’ll work with any ten to twelve-volt adapters.

Q: Can I cut the 16-foot strip into 4-foot segments and connect them parallel?

Ans: Yes, you are capable of doing so. You can also feed multiple uncut strips at the same time. Just make sure that the total wattage of all the connecting strips is less than the power supply’s wattage.

Q: Can they be linked with other strips to form a long line that runs on a single connection?

Ans: Be aware that the strip lights will dim as they progress down the length of the strips. Even with only two strips of daisy-chained, the light is brighter near the power source and dimmer at the far end.

Q: What kind of connector do I need to get for these high-density led strips?

Ans: To work with these strips, you’ll need either an 8mm HD strip-to-strip connector or to cut the strip outside of the cut line, so you have enough strip to feed into the regular density connector without feeding the LED lights into the connector.


There is no doubt that these lights are the best UV-protected and waterproof LED Strip Lights for outdoor use. So you can choose them certainly!

The best outdoor waterproof led strip lights have been on the market for a few years now, and they’ve become more and more popular with people who own homes. We hope you found our list of outdoor weatherproof led strip lights useful. Thank you for coming by.

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