Best Way to Hang LED Strip Lights in Your Room

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You can use some LED strip light hanging tips to ensure that you get the results you want for your business and overall appearance. The first hanging LED strip lighting tips will begin after you have purchased the strip lighting. You will need to decide where you want to hang them. Then it would be best if you looked forward to the best way to hang led strip lights.

Best way to hang led strip lights

Most businesses use LED strip lights for window displays, counter space, and shelving. These areas will help create ambiance and draw attention to areas of your business that you want people to notice. However, choosing a location should be done before purchasing the strip lighting. That way, you’ll know how long the strips should be.

Please continue reading this article till the end to learn about the best way to hang your led strip lights in your room!

How to Install LED Strip Lights?

Before knowing the best way to hang your led strip lights in your room, you should have learned about the installation process of your LED strip lights. Here we have discussed the brief about the installation process of LED strip lights. Check this link to know the detail! But if you already know this process, skip this section and go to the section on the best way to hang led strip lights.

With a bit of forethought, you can ensure that you’re making the right decisions for your bedroom, such as cutting the correct lengths of led strips to have enough to create that personalized design of yours or installing your strip lights in your room. Here’s what you’ll need to install LED lights in your bedroom.

Step 1: Clean and dry the surface

Clean the surface of the area you will be placing the lights on before adhering to any strip lights. This is critical for keeping it mounted for a long time. Strip lights should be installed on smooth, stable surfaces. It should not be used on rough or textured surfaces and any surfaces that can bend or move.

Step 2: Unroll the light strip and adhere it to the surface

The LED strip lights are delivered rolled on a spool. Simply unroll the length of lighting you’ll be using, peel off the adhesive backing, and stick to the desired surface. Press down on each strip section to ensure that it has firmly adhered to the surface and is free of air bubbles.

Fixing clips can reinforce the strip light’s installation and keep it in place. Remove the adhesive tape and place it over the strip light on the surface with the non-sticky area. You can further secure the clip by screwing it to the surface if you prefer.

Step 3: Connect the LED light strip and turn it on

Once your strip lights are secure, connect them to the controller and power adapter before plugging them into an electrical outlet. Remove the insulation sheet first, then press any color on the remote control to change the lighting color.

Best Way to Hang LED Strip Lights

The self-adhesive on the back of LED strip lights typically requires a smooth surface to adhere securely. Rough surfaces or too many grooves will reduce the surface’s contact with the 3M tape backing. Because there is less contact, there is less of a bond, which causes the flex strips to fall or droop in places.

Specific finishes do not bond well with the LED tape backing. If the surface is glossy or oily, the strip will likely slide around too much or not stick at all. In these cases, finding alternative mounting options for the strip lights will be necessary.

The environment around the strip impacts the peel-and-stick backing as well. Sweltering climates will cause the adhesive material to fail. It might work at first, but the tape will fall as the surface temperature rises after one scorching day. Air humidity and moisture harm the strips, causing them to lose their bonding ability.

LED strips that fall and lose their adhesive backing can be highly inconvenient. Fortunately, there are a few alternatives that can save you a lot of time and trouble with which you can hang your LED strip lights.

By Using LED Strip Mounting Clips

This is a simple, low-cost method for hanging LED strips that do not require the use of double-sided tape. These small clips have a one-piece design that screws into surfaces and clips over the LED strip to hold it in place.

These clips are only $1.99 for a pack of 15, which should be enough for a reel of flex strips (roughly one clip per foot). The brackets are ideal for applications where the lights are oriented downward, such as under cabinet lighting.

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By Using LED Strip Mounting Channel

There is a cheap way to hang LED strip lights while giving them the best professional look. This aluminum channel is a good choice because it is cheap and easy. If you want to put LED strips up to 10mm in diameter on this track, you’ll need five meters.

The COB LED Strip lights work great with these diffusers to ensure no spots in your strip lights. The track comes with a UV-protected cover that makes the light less bright and looks great.

As the strips stick to the aluminum track, this method still uses the adhesive on the back to hold them down. Putting aluminum and glue together is a great way to make a strong bond. Afterward, some clips hold the track in place so that it can be put on the surface that you want it to be on.

This is very important if people can see the light. A UV-protected screen cover makes the lights look like they are from a professional fixture. No one would know that there are flex strips inside the light fixture because of the track.

By Using Extra Strong Double Sided Tape

This final method is used when there are limited hanging options available in the space or when there is no way to screw into the surface where the LED strips are to be hanged. LEDSupply carries a high-quality double-sided tape sold by the foot on their website.

Compared to the adhesive used on the flex strips themselves, this tape is rated for high temperatures and performs significantly better. Use this tape to strengthen the bond between the LED strips and the surface they are mounted on.


Most LED strip lights come with an adhesive already applied to the strip. All you have to do is peel and stick. However, some surfaces are more challenging to adhere to and will necessitate more effort. Extra adhesive tape, LED mounting clips, or a mounting track can all be used. If the adhesive is insufficient, these are the best way to hang led strip lights.

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