Cool things to do with LED lights in your room

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There are many cool things to do with LED lights in your room. The LED lights have become very popular nowadays in modern life. Because of its energy and cost-efficiency. For this reason, it gains so much popularity.

LED lights have multipurpose uses. LED light can be used for different types of lighting, such as room decoration, couch lighting, car lighting, and many more. In this article, you are going to explore some cool things with LED lights in your room!

Cool things to do with LED lights in your room

The cool things with LED lights in your room are-

  1. Lighting headboard of your bedframe
  2. Lighting under the bed
  3. Lighting back of your TV
  4. Stair lighting
  5. Recessed wall lighting
  6. Surface mounted wall lighting
  7. Decorative wall lighting
  8. Shelf lighting
  9. Lighting under kitchen cabinets
  10.  Lighting under kitchen cabinets
  11.  Desk lighting

Lighting headboard of your bedframe

Cool things to do with LED lights in your room
Lighting headboard of bedframe (Image by tomasines from Pixabay)

LED strip lights have a sticky backing which makes them simple to append for a very simple installation. Since the light band is also behind the head, it is not visible, which creates a very modern “floating” appearance.

To keep the light out of direct light to gradually reduce the light and prepare your mind and body for a good night’s sleep, you can also light the headboard.

Lighting under the bed

Cool things to do with LED lights in your room
Lighting under the bed (Image from Houzz)

There are various ways to outskirts LED strip lights. Place LED strip lights on the bottom of your bed is one of the best ideas. Whereas LED lights don’t release heat in the same way as traditional lights, you don’t have to worry about the risk of heat damage to yourself or your furniture.

Under-bed LED lighting brings romance and relaxation to your bedroom. When turning off the lights, turn on the glow for romance and joy. If you have to wake up at night, you can brighten the light, but it doesn’t particularly shine in your eyes and affect your sleep.

Lighting back of your TV

Cool things to do with LED lights in your room
Lighting back of the TV (Image from Houzz)

Here comes the young men’s number one LED strip lights project! Backdrop illumination on your TV screens is an extraordinary method to add a gorgeous style to your TV and your bedroom.

LED strip lights are adaptable and safe so you can undoubtedly install them on the back of your TVs without agonizing about damage or obstruction.

So if you are accustomed to watching TV in the bedroom. Just install a diagonal light behind the TV to provide ambient light around the screen to relieve eye strain and improve the image quality of the TV at night.

A quick and easy DIY solution for diagonal lighting is to use LED strip lights behind your TV. You can choose a LED light strip to illuminate the back of your TV.

Includes 4 pre-cut pieces and TV-specific time options. You can change the colors to mimic the colors on the screen and adjust the color and brightness to your liking.

Stair lighting

Stair lighting (Image by Martinschuschi from Pixabay)

Staircase lighting is an elegant lighting strategy that looks beautiful and fills a utilitarian need.

Installed lights brighten the stairs, creating a fascinating glow and at the same time increasing the visibility of your walkway in a compelling manner.

Brighten the stairs to make your home the most impressive you’ve ever had!

With LED stair lights, you can make your stairs safer and at the same time improve your interior design.

You can play with the effects of light and shadow, and you can get a thought-provoking atmosphere.

Recessed wall lighting

Cool things to do with LED lights in your room
Recessed wall lighting (Image from Houzz)

LED strip lights are set up through an indentation part of the wall. Which is called recessed wall lighting.

This kind of lighting is extraordinary for giving your room a diffused, and smooth look.

Recessed wall lighting can be utilized in homes (particularly in-room walls), workplaces, and business places also as they give your space a more phony look.

Surface-mounted wall lighting

Cool things to do with LED lights in your room
Surface-mounted wall lighting (Image from Houzz)

A surface-mounted light places on the top of a plane surface like the plane part of a roof or ceiling and extends beyond the surface.

This sort of lighting can place in all sizes and shapes and is best for settings where there is little space between the underlying roof or ceiling and the dropdown roof, or when the roof is uncovered.

Surface-mounted wall lighting is typically favored when you need unfiltered bright light in your room.

For this, reason you can pick surface-mounted wall lighting where LED strip lights are stuck or mounted on the outer layer of the wall.

Decorative wall lighting

Cool things to do with LED lights in your room
Decorative wall lighting (Image from Houzz)

For the decoration of your room wall, you can use sconces and swing arm wall lights which bring the light source exactly you need for working, reading, or accenting art.

You can use your imagination to take off and use RGB and RGBW LED light strips to make art pieces on your walls.

LED strip lights are incredible for beautiful lighting as you can undoubtedly introduce them and bring them down. They can be reused for a long time.

Shelf lighting

Cool things to do with LED lights in your room
Shelf lighting (Image from Houzz)

Shelf lighting makes the spaces of the shelves more efficient and adds a high-end design style. A couple of well-positioned fixtures are an extraordinary method to add a glistening, glitzy feel to the storage regions.

By putting light in the right place, every accessory, garment, and item is in full view. A lighted shelf makes it easy to see the items on the shelves and gives that coveted boutique look.

If simple shoe slanted shelves are lightened by LED lights then it will be an exceptional display. The right lighting will turn a little, dim cubby into a space that is not difficult to see.

Lighting under kitchen cabinets

Cool things to do with LED lights in your room
Lighting under kitchen cabinets (Image from Houzz)

Without any doubt, the kitchen is one of the best favorite places for most women, and the kitchen has a fundamental component of any home. 

Utilizing LED Strip Lights, you can show heaps of imagination for different spaces of your kitchen as these lights are three in one that is bright, compact, and energy-efficient.

To get the neon impact of light, use rope lights, and install tape lights for diffused enlightenment.

To upgrade your kitchen cabinet’s appearance and make them pop, you can utilize tape lights from both inside and outside of your cupboard or cabinets and lift your kitchen’s quality by adjusting LED tape lights with kitchen counters.

Desk lighting

Cool things to do with LED lights in your room
Desk lighting (Image from Houzz)

For your office desk or desk in your room may be a great place to lighting up with LED lights.

Especially the gamers are impatient with this kind of lighting. Most gamers prefer to decorate their desk with the LED lights.

There are a lot of various ways to outfit your desk with backlighting and LED strip lights. Here are described some ways of desk lighting.

Cool ideas to decorate your room with LED strip lights

Cool things to do with LED lights in your room
Cool things to do with LED lights in your room (Image by chien than from Pixabay)

Now we will know about some cool ideas to decorate your room with LED strip lights. So let’s explore the ideas.

Brighten the dark corner of your room

Brighten the dark corner of your room (Image from Houzz)

Accent lighting seems expensive because LED light strips can be easily cut to size or fit perfectly under furniture.

Many strip lights have a remote control system so you don’t have to bend down to turn it on.

Placing LED strip lights under the cabinet or dresser or the corner of your room maximizes the sense of space.

Illuminate your alcoves

Illuminate your alcoves (Image from ArchiTonic)

Use LED light strip lights for decoration and enhancement of the feeling of your living room.

This is a fascinating and original way to emphasize interesting architectural elements.

We really prefer the way this rounded alcove moves lively, but you can also try this trick with important furniture such as sofas and dressers.

Brighten up your dark drawer

Brighten up your dark drawer (Image from Houzz)

Internally mounted LED strip lighting coils make your dark cabinets, cupboards, and drawers easy to search inside.

By choosing a motion-active design that switches on the light only when you need it, you can avoid the hassle of turning the LED emitter on and off.

Build bunk beds fun

Build bunk beds fun (Image from Houzz)

Kids and teens love to design their own space, and this colorful LED light space is definitely fascinating.

Combine a band of pink LED lights fixed under a high bed with other lighting arrangements such as sparkling disco balls to create a fun and funky atmosphere that envy your companions.

Let the shower shine

Let the shower shine (Image from Houzz)

Want to make a beautiful bathroom on a limited budget? By illuminating the cubic shower with LED strip lights, your bathroom will be a decorated-styled look.

LEDs are generally drip-proof, but stay safe and choose waterproof LED strip lighting.

Then use it to accentuate the shelves between the tiled alcoves or frame the edges of the shower screen or shower tray to create a futuristic look.

Make your wardrobes glamorous

Add some sparkle to your built-in furniture by framing your bedroom cabinet with LED lighting.

The warm glow gives the space a little sparkle, creating a soft and comfortable elegance.

Showcase display cabinets

Add LED light strips at the top and bottom to turn your everyday cabinet into a softly illuminated screen.

Install a glass door to completely protect your favorite parts and keep them dust-free.

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