How to Connect LED Lights to Phone?

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Many of us, though few admit it, keep our phones within arm’s reach when we go to bed; to my shame, I’ve been known to keep it next to my pillow. But what if it could do more than serve as an alarm clock and also act as a light switch? But do you know how to Connect LED Lights to Phone?

Before knowing the process of the LED lights that connect to your Phone, you must know the recent invention about it!

Many LED strip lights have recently been released that can be network-connected and remotely controlled by a mobile device. It’s become a fantastic invention for this new world! This article will find the ways to how to Connect LED Lights to your Phone!

Can you connect any LED lights to your phone?

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How to Connect LED Lights to Phone?

The iPhone and Android are the most popular phones on the market today. It makes no difference which phone you have because either of these phones can connect and control virtually every smart light or smart lighting device.

Smart lighting and other smart devices have a wide range of options. Home automation technology has enabled homeowners to control their lights remotely via a mobile device or voice command. Smart lighting can make lighting adjustments based on daylight availability, occupancy, and other preset conditions when controlled by a phone.

The majority of smart lighting solutions can be controlled via a mobile app, downloaded from the iOS and Android app stores. Most apps require WiFi, Bluetooth, or a local wireless network such as ZigBee or Z-Wave.

But the question is How to Connect LED Lights to Phone? Isn’t it? To connect your LED lights with your phone, you must have followed these procedures described below briefly! Keep following!

Connect via EZ Mode

Step 1: Download the App

Those who use Android and iOS can go to the App Store and get the app on their phones. If they need to register, they can do that.

Step 2: Set up the Strip LED light

Wait 10 seconds after turning on the LED lights. Then, for more than 3 seconds, long press the power button on the control. The lights will flash at a rate of twice per second.

Step 3: Connect with the App

After registering (if necessary) and logging in, you will see a “+” button in the upper right corner of the app. Click on it, navigate to the LED lights you want to add, and then select “Confirm indicator rapidly blink” to see a Wi-Fi connection prompt. To connect, enter your Wi-Fi username and password. After a few seconds, your LED strip lights will be added to the app, and you can change the name for easier recognition before saving it. You can control your smart LED lights via the mobile app by following these simple steps.

How to Connect LED Lights to Phone
Picture Credit: Lepro

If you can not connect your LED lights to your phone by following the above steps, please try to follow again and once the below’s actions are called AP mode.

Connect via AP Mode

When you start this process, it works best if your phone is already on your home WiFi network, so you don’t have to connect it again.

1. If you receive a “Connection Failed” pop-up when attempting to connect via EZ Mode, close it and try AP mode instead.

2. After closing the “Connection Failed” pop-up message, click on Lighting Devices (from the “Add Device” screen) and then tap the “AP mode” link in the top right corner of the screen.

How to Connect LED Lights to Phone

3. For 3 seconds, press and hold the “Config” button on your in-line remote, and the LED light will begin to flash slowly. (If it flashes quickly, press “Config” for 3 seconds again to make it flash slowly.)

4. When the LED light begins to flash slowly, press the “Confirm light blinks slowly” button.

5. Choose your WiFi network, enter the network password, and press the “Confirm” button.

How to Connect LED Lights to Phone

Please keep in mind that only secure 2.4GHz WiFi networks are supported. If your WiFi network does not require a password to access, you will be unable to configure your LED light on this network.

6. Next, a message will appear that says, “Connect the phone’s WiFi to the device’s hotspot,” and you should click Go To Connect.

7. You will see available WiFi networks, including the WiFi to which your phone is already connected, as well as the option to name your LED light.

How to Connect LED Lights to Phone

8. To connect to WiFi, click on the name in the list of available networks.

9. At this point, your phone will show one of the following messages: Connected: Continue to the next step. Internet access may be unavailable: Ignore the pop-up notification. It will vanish on its own. Continue to the next step.

There is no Internet: Click the pop-up to confirm that you want to stay connected to this network. Continue to the next step.

Error in Authentication Occurred:

  • Unplug the LED light.
  • Plug it back in.
  • Starting from the first step on the “Add Device” screen, repeat the process.

To avoid seeing this error message again, make sure your phone is connected to your home WiFi.

Note: If the name does not correspond to an available WiFi connection, you must unplug the LED light and plug it back in to restart the process.

10. Once you’ve connected to WiFi, press the back button on your phone to return to the app’s connection page.

11. The connection will progress once you see the Connecting screen. When a connection is established, your LED light will stop blinking. When the connection reaches 100%, the screen “Device added successfully” appears.

12. Change the name of your LED Strip by tapping the pencil icon, and then select the room to which the device should be assigned. Then press the “Done” button.

How to Connect LED Lights to Phone

Important note: Only configure the LED light once in the app for the first user, not each subsequent user. Additional users are added by sharing the device rather than re-configuring it. Sharing is covered in a separate tutorial. You will lose your previously saved settings if you re-configure the device.

Congratulations! Your LED Strip and device have been successfully paired. You can add more LED lights to your account by clicking the + sign next to the device you want to add.

How to Connect Your LED lights to Your Phone Bluetooth?

Step 1: Connect Your Lights

Begin by connecting the lights, the LED controller box, and the power adapter. To ensure that the product is working correctly, we recommend turning on your lights manually first.

Step 2: Installing the App

Then, you’ll need to download the appropriate app for your LED Light Tape. We recommend scanning the QR code on the product instruction manual or manually searching for the correct app listed in the manual.

Step 3: Launch The App

After you’ve connected your lights to power and installed the app, you can start using it! You may see a pop-up on the app if your device’s Bluetooth is turned off or if the device needs to grant the app permission to use the Bluetooth. Follow the instructions in the pop-up to ensure that your app is ready.

Step 4: Connecting To The Lights

In most cases, the app will automatically connect to your LED Light Strips if you use the app that came with the product. Please perform the following steps to determine whether the lights are connected:

If you see a device under the “My Devices” tab, your lights are connected and ready to use! To turn on the lights, press the light bulb symbol to the left of the device name. If the lights do not turn on, please ensure that the Bluetooth connection toggle is turned on. It should look like a continuous chain link.

If you don’t see a device listed under the “My Devices” tab, follow the steps below to create a new connection.

How to Connect LED Lights to Phone

You’re ready to go once you’ve selected the device and saved your selection.

Step 5: Spread the light!

Turn on the lights by tapping the green slider in the top right of the app homepage or by using the light bulb symbol next to your device’s name (as shown above).

Frequently Ask Questions

Can you use a different remote for LED lights?

Yes, one remote can control multiple receivers; however, you must first match the code with each receiver by following the steps: Correctly connected led strip light, regular operation. Use the remote controller, hold the “ON” button for 3/5 seconds, then the LED strips light will flash, indicating that the remote has successfully paired with the receiver. Repeat these steps to match the code with more receivers.

How do I connect my LED bulb to my phone?

– Download the C by GE app and sign up for an account.
– Select the “plus” icon in the upper right corner of the home screen, followed by “Add New Devices.”
– Choose “Lights” from the list of available devices.
– Screw in the light bulb and turn it on.
– Wait for the bulb to flash three times in a few seconds.

What can interfere with remote controls?

Ambient light, particularly sunlight, can overload or desensitize the sensor on the electronic device, causing it to miss remote control signals. Devices that communicate with the remote control via infrared should be shielded from direct sunlight.

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