How to Install Interior LED Lights to Fuse Box?

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Decide how many lights you need. Four is enough, depending on your car size. But you can always buy more! Next, buy the kit of lights. Installation kits are cheap and have the necessary parts to put the lights up. Figure out where you want your lights to go. You can put the speakers under the dashboard, the seats, or both. Next, figure out how you can power the lights most efficiently. The best way is to use the fuse box (Check latest price), usually under the foot well on the driver’s side. There are also other ways to power the lights, like plugging them into a cigarette lighter. Here will discuss how to install interior led lights to the fuse box! Keep reading till the end to know about it!

How to Install Interior LED Lights to Fuse Box?

Step 1: Look inside the owner’s manual for your car for a diagram of the fuse box. It should say where each fuse is located and what it powers. Next, find where the accessory fuse is. This way, the lights will only use power when the car is on, so the battery won’t be drained when the car is off.

Step 2: Take out the accessory fuse that is already in the fuse panel. Put the fuse in a fuse adaptor, and then put the fuse adaptor back where it came from.

Step 3: Connect the light’s power box to the fuse adaptor’s other end. Then, link the lights to the electrical box.

Step 4: Connect the black wire to a point inside the car that serves as ground. Loosen a bolt, slide the wire under it, and then tighten the bolt back up. Like the firewall, a metal part under the dashboard can be used as a grounding point. If you don’t have a good grounding point, your lights won’t work.

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