How to Make Purple on LED Lights?

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LED strip lights can create a lot of colors as you wish! But how to make purple on LED lights? In this article, we will teach you how to simply make your LED lights purple! Please read the article till the end and follow the steps!

How to Make Purple on LED Lights

First things, make sure you’re starting on an unused DIY LED strip light, and then turned all the colors down by holding each of the buttons pointed on the pictures for about 10 seconds. Then press the red button three times and finally the blue button six times, and there your LED strip lights turn into purple.

How to Make Purple on LED Lights
Step: One
Step: Two
How to Make Purple on LED Lights
Step: Three

If you can not understand or if you find it difficulty to understand the process of making your LED lights purple, then you can check the video provided below to make your LED lights purple.

Final Words

When you try to change the color of your LED strips, if they stay on one color, it’s likely because you’ve been pressing the same color button, which causes it to reach its peak value. Try the reverse button if you want to make it higher or lower. Check that your pins are touching, and try again if that doesn’t work.

If the pins don’t make good contact, the strips might not light up. You can also change the battery in the remote control if it stops working. Rarely, the connector pin may be broken, so we should be careful when putting it in so that we don’t break it and cause the strip lights to stop working.

Hope you able to change your LED lights into purple color. If you can not able to change the color by following this process then please comment below! Thanks for being with us!

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