LED Strip Stage Design: A Big Collection of Stage Design!

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If you want a stage design with LED strip lighting, then it’s really a great idea. Because LED’s are a great way to make effects that are impressive, reliable, and easy to change.

You can contact a firm or company that can help you make a stage with LED lights. There are a lot of firms available this time! But before getting with them, let’s see an extensive collection of stage designs with LED strip light.

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LED Strip Stage Lights

Not only LED lights, there are many kinds of lights are using for stage design. Some are very bright, some are dark, and some are low light! And the lights have a different name. Here are the five LED lights which are used mostly for stage lighting!

Flood Lights

Floodlights are essential lighting tools for stage lighting. They are made up of a reflector box and a lamp, and they usually have a yoke so they can be hung. They are often used as color washes in the theater or can be left clear and used as work lights.

As far as down lights go, floodlights have been giving intense light from the ground up for a long time. They are often small, so they don’t take up too much stage space but still add to your stage lighting. LED stage lights, which use less energy and give off less heat, are often used to make them.

Par Can Lights

A Par Can Light is a lamp that produces a highly directional light beam; because of this feature, they are popular on stages worldwide for illuminating a single person or event. They are also used in aircraft, locomotives, architecture, lighthouses, and automobiles.

Because of their adaptability, they are commonly used in venues and commercial applications also! They recast spaces in a completely new light – or, to be more precise, all kinds of light.

Spot Lights

If some performers are kept in the light while other parts of the stage are dark, stage hands can change the scenery without drawing the audience’s attention. This means the whole performance doesn’t have to stop when a partial change of scenery is needed.

A spotlight, also called a follow-spot, is a strong piece of stage lighting that shines a bright light on a performance space. A spotlight operator moves around the stage with the actors and moves the lights to follow them.

Strip Lights

Strip lights are some of the best stage lights because they are unlike any other kind of stage lighting.

Strip lights come in many different sizes and shapes and often have RGB LED lights that can mix colors in exciting ways.

They work best as extras to the main stage lighting, for a good reason. Their different colors and designs keep everyone’s attention on your stage.

LED lights

Stage lighting instruments that use light-emitting diodes (LED’s) as a light source are known as LED stage lighting instruments. LED instruments have replaced traditional stage lighting instruments that use halogen lamps or high-intensity discharge lamps.

If you buy smart models connected to mobile apps, changing the color or brightness of these lights is as simple as a few taps. Other LED lights come with a standard remote control, making the job of your lighting director a lot easier. LED’s also provide a more comfortable stage for your performers because they lose less energy to heat.

LED Strip Stage Design

A lot of stage lighting designs with LED strip lights have! All the designs can not be described with a name. But we can show you many designs! Here is a big collection of stage designs with LED strip lights!

Design: 1

led strip stage design

Design: 2

Design: 3

Design: 4

Design: 5

Design: 6

Design: 7

Design: 8

Design: 9

led strip stage design

Design: 10

Design: 11

Design: 12

led strip stage design

Design: 13

Design: 14

Design: 15

led strip stage design

Design: 16

Design: 17

led strip stage design

Design: 18

Design: 19

led strip stage design

Design: 20

Note: All picture credit goes to Pinterest

Final Words

These are the top best stage design with LED lights and LED strip lights. Hope all the designs gave you a good idea about stage design. Please feel free to comment to see more stage designs with LED strip lights or LED lights.

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