Are LED Strip Lights Bad For Your Eyes?

are led strip lights bad for your eyes

LED lights are popular these days due to their eye-catching colors and simple design. Aside from their magical appearance, these lights use less energy than traditional lights. Even with all of the benefits and advantages, you cannot ignore the health effects of these lights. For that, the question arises in mind, “Are LED Strip Lights … Read more

Why Won’t My LED Lights Work After I Cut them?

Why Won't My LED Lights Work After I Cut them

Most probably, you are looking for an answer to the question, “Why Won’t My LED Lights Work After I Cut Them?” If that’s so, then you are in the right place. There are places where you can only cut LED tape. These places are called “Cut Marks.” They usually have dotted lines across the tape, … Read more

Best double sided tape for LED lights strip

Double sided tape for LED lights

Is your LED light strip dropping or slipping down constantly? Perhaps the manufacturer’s adhesive backing isn’t up to the task. In any case, adding double sided tape for LED lights strips is a simple way to ensure a long-lasting bond and peace of mind. Yes! By using double sided tape for your LED strip lights, … Read more

How to stick LED strip lights on wall without damaging paint?

How to stick LED strip lights on wall without damaging paint

LED strips are adaptable and customizable. They may be installed nearly anywhere because of their sticky backing or clips, as long as they are nearby to an electrical outlet and a surface to connect to. As a result, LED strips are great for illuminating regions you’ve only imagined. But the question is how to stick … Read more

LED Lights That Don’t Damage Walls

LED Lights That Don't Damage Walls

LED light strips are long circuit boards with surface-mount device light-emitting diodes (SMD LEDs) that illuminate any room. The strips, also known as LED tape or ribbon lights, typically have an adhesive backing for easy installation. When you live in rented housing, it can be challenging to make your mark without causing permanent damage to … Read more