How many led strips can you connect together?

How many led strips can you connect together

How many led strips can you connect together? This is an excellent question that we commonly receive. Depending on how you connect the strips, the length possibilities are nearly limitless. When doing so, you must consider some logistics. Remember that the resistance of wire rises with distance when deciding how many strips to join together. … Read more

Why are my led lights green when off?

Why are my led lights green when off

LEDs (light-emitting diodes) were introduced as an energy-saving alternative to incandescent and fluorescent lighting. LED strip lights are now in every corner of your home, providing illumination for all sorts of spaces. They may be used to illuminate anything from behind the television to beneath the countertops, even inside cars! Today we will try to … Read more

Best Lamp for Computer Desk you should check

Best Lamp for Computer Desk

Computer desks are a must-have in every office because they serve as platforms for desktop computers, printers, and other essential workstations. However, while it may be just a platform for work equipment, never underestimate the importance of computer desk lighting since, without proper illumination at night or in dark areas, you can’t get your job … Read more

How to hang led strip lights on wall without adhesive?

How to hang led strip lights on wall without adhesive

There are many ways to hang your LED strip lights on your wall without adhesive. In this article, we are going to share, “How to hang led strip lights on wall without adhesive?” Led strip lights LED strip lights are becoming more popular as a home lighting option. You’ve probably heard the argument for LEDs … Read more

Best led strip light connectors

led strip light connectors

LED strip light connectors offer a quick-connect option that eliminates the need for a soldering iron. While soldering is quite dependable, it can take a long time to make several different connections. As a result, LED strip light solder less connectors are ideal for making several connections quickly. In this article, we will explore the … Read more

Use energy efficient light bulbs in your home!

use energy efficient light bulbs

Use energy efficient light bulbs! By using energy efficient light bulbs, you can light your home with the same amount of light while spending less money. Lighting accounts for about 15% of an average home’s electricity use, and using LED lighting saves the average household about $225 in energy costs per year.  So one of … Read more