What Color LED Light Helps you Sleep?

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It may seem like a silly question to ask what color LED light helps you sleep, but the choice in a tone you choose has a surprising effect on how well you sleep.

If you want to figure out how to sleep better, consider painting your room a more relaxing color. You should also consider improving your best mattress, which may help you to sleep better.

But your bedroom lighting ideas are also important for getting a good night’s sleep. For example, you should know what colour of LED light is best for sleep.

Even though this may not seem like a big deal in the big picture of your bedroom, experts warn that the tone you choose may hurt your sleep. So, if you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep at night, you should learn about its power.

How Does LED Light Color Help You with Sleep?

LED light helps your brain release melatonin, a sleep hormone released into the body by the pineal gland, which allows you to relax mentally and physically as you sleep.

Traditionally, sunshine has been thought to regulate melatonin levels in the body. During the day, the sun inhibits melatonin release, signaling the body to be awake. Conversely, more of this hormone is released at night when the sun has set, and there is less light.

All of that changed with the advent of advanced technologies, as artificial light from sources such as lamps can disrupt your body’s natural rest rhythms, regardless of how exhausted you are.

This is why researchers believe exposure to specific light in the evening can interfere with your body’s capacity to sleep. As a result, experts recommend that you avoid specific light sources before going to bed.

We will talk about the specific lights in this content too! Keep reading till the end to know everything!

What are the Benefits of Calming LED Colors for Sleep?

If you have trouble sleeping or are a parent who doesn’t get enough sleep, you know much better than anyone how important it is to get a good night’s sleep. 

Everyone knows that a bad night’s sleep and the tiredness that comes with it are bad for our overall health and make us less efficient. However, how well we sleep depends greatly on how much light is around us.

Let’s look at some of the main reasons why using the most calming LED light colors for sleep is a good idea:

  • Natural melatonin secretion
  • Feeling calm and in tune with your body’s natural rhythms
  • Sleep inertia prevention
  • When you wake up, you feel more alert and focus
  • Better and more restful sleep
  • Muscle relaxation

We will know more about the benefits below!

Is It Bad to Sleep with the LED Lights On?

The majority of people find that darkness improves their sleep. It’s true! Because residential LED lights produce blue light, suppressing melatonin secretion, leaving bright lamps and other lights on throughout the night might impair your ability to sleep, stay asleep, and sleep for a longer time.

Your body’s internal clock reacts to light and dark signals to recognize when to wake up and sleep.

Leaving the lights on while you try to sleep can disrupt your circadian rhythm, wake you up, or result in less comfortable sleep. In addition, according to specific research, light exposure can reduce melatonin levels even with closed eyelids.

For this reason, sleeping with normal lights or LED lights is bad all night. It will disrupt your sleep and make you fatigued for the next day!

What Color LED Light Helps you Sleep?

The first rule of deep sleep is to turn out all lights. That is what ensures the best rest. However, if you can’t sleep without the lights and are searching for something that will also meet your sleep demands, you’ve come to the perfect place.

Light allows us to see and recognize our surroundings and carry on with our daily routines. However, it also psychologically influences us because it can improve our mood, make us feel good, and even help us fall asleep more quickly.

Blue, for example, might be soothing, but yellow can be energetic. However, several light colors also can aid you with your sleep cycle.

Light therapy is another therapeutic option for sleep issues involving exposure to indoor lights to reap the benefits. So, what color LED light helps you sleep the best? Is it blue or red? The answer is red!

How does Red Light help to Sleep Better?

You’ve probably heard how strong light might interfere with your sleep. However, this is different when it comes to red lights. Regarding the chemistry of light for sleep, you cannot just utilize red-tinted light to give your room a red hue.

They may boost your mood and provide red light treatment, but they will not meet your sleep needs. Instead, a sleep light that generates red light wavelengths is required.

The red light wavelength appears appropriate for you since it stimulates the brain to create melatonin, a hormone that sends messages to the body, signalling that it is time to sleep.

One study discovered that people who utilized red lights for sleep slept better and had improved sleep quality. In addition, they were able to fall asleep sooner and sleep well.

Red is the most effective LED colour for sleeping. And, if you prefer to have the lights on while sleeping, this is the ideal choice.

The Sleep Advantages of Red LED Light

You are now aware that the most calming light for sleep is red. So, let’s look at some of the other benefits of red light about sleep.

Red LED Lights Help to Prevent Sleep Inertia

Sleep inertia is a condition in which you remain confused and blurry even after you get up from a nap, and your memory and alertness suffer as a result. And red light can help alleviate the symptoms.

A study found that delivering saturated red light to people with sleep inertia after waking resulted in a small improvement. However, when exposed to light, the patients in this study kept their eyelids closed.

Red LED Lights help in Night Vision

When reading at night, white light can sometimes strain your eyes, which is where red lights come in. However, because they are non-glaring, they will let you read and see clearly at night. This is one of the reasons why the cockpits have a red light.

What about Blue Light and Sleep?

While blue is a fantastic hue for mood stabilization, it is not a good color for sleeping. Several LED devices now use the color blue since it instantly relaxes you. Is blue light keeping you awake? Yes. Blue light disrupts melatonin production and helps you stay awake.

Because your phone and TV emit blue light, it is recommended that you turn off your devices for at least 60 minutes before going to bed to have a deep and quiet slumber.

What are the Best Lights for Night Sleeping?

To ensure you get a good night’s sleep, it’s smart to choose night lights in the right color. Evidence shows that red light and amber light can make you sleepy and calm. Here is a list of the color night lights we like best for sleeping:

Blue blocking light bulbs (Amber light)

You can get the Sweet Dreams Sleep Lights in a warm amber color. You can use these light bulbs all over the house, giving off enough light to light up a room. This range has a low electromagnetic field (EMF) and has been proven to not give off any blue light or flicker. Check Amber lights here!

Blue and green light-blocking bulbs (Red light)

Red is the best color LED light for sleeping because red works best against a blue and green light. t Red Light Bulb removes the blue and green light spectrums. Since it has a dimmer light, it should be used a few hours before bed. Also, these bulbs don’t flicker and have low EMF, which makes them great for bedrooms. Check price of red LED light bulb here!

Book lights and sleep lamps

The Amber Book Light is a must-have if you like to read in bed. You can use a light color that helps you sleep to read while protecting your eyes from blue light. The Amber Book Light doesn’t give off any blue light and doesn’t flicker. It also has a low EMF.

The No Blue Amber Sleep Lamp is a bigger version of the book light that gives off more light that doesn’t contain blue wavelengths. Because it blocks out all green and blue light, our Twilight Red Light Lamp is the best night light for sleeping. Both have three brightness levels, don’t flicker, and are light and easy to carry.

Red Night lights

There is no blue or green light coming from red plug-in night lights. They are great for waking up in the middle of the night because they give you enough light to move around without letting in blue or green light. Here some red LED lights!

Final Words

There is little evidence that red light can make you sleepy. More human study is required to support this theory. Blue light has been shown to have a significant effect on melatonin levels. Green and purple light may also impair your ability to sleep, but more research is needed to thoroughly understand their impacts.

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