Where to Cut LED Strip Lights Do You Know?

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Because of this, LED Strip Lights are such versatile products that they can be readily cut along the provided cut lines and linked between the copper dots on the LED Strip Lights (cut lengths vary between products) to create a variety of effects. But, where exactly should the cutting of LED strip lights take place?

Before knowing the cutting place of your LED strip lights, you must know whether your LED strip lights really have a cutting place or not!

Please read this article till the end to know the details about where to cut LED strip lights, or Is it actually possible to cut your LED strip lights?

Where to Cut LED Strip Lights?

In this section, you will know is it possible to cut your LED strip light? And if possible, where should you cut your LED strip light?

Typically, the LED light strips are fixed in length, and it is not always possible to purchase light strips of a suitable length every single time; customers have frequently asked if a light strip can be cut to a dealt with size.

There are many brand names and products of LED light strips, so whether a light strip can still be utilized generally after being cut is not a question that can be offered a general answer. It relies on the details item.

Generally, if the light strip has a cut line, it can be cut; if it has not, it is finest not to cut it. You can choose the LED light strips which contain a cutting line. In the following section, we have listed five top LED light strips with a cutting line!

LED strip Lights that can be Cut

Here the top five LED light strips which have a cutting line! Here’s are-

You can check these lights pros and cons before buying! Here the details of the five best cuttable LED stripe lights!

HitLights RGB LED Strip Light

HitLights RGB LED Strip Light is a high-intensity LED light. This all-in-one kit comes with a two-step installation procedure. These LED light bars have a service life of more than 30,000 hours.

This means that this light has a 3-year warranty with no replacement. When fully lit, the service life is 30,000 hours, making it the best choice for improving home lighting.

Our Rating: 10/10

Where to Cut LED Strip Lights
HitLights RGB LED Strip Light
  • The lights are bright and very colorful
  • Very easy to set up, may take less than 20 minutes to set up
  • The adhesive is super sticky
  • It contains the cutting line
  • May face an issue with the remote

Kasa Smart LED Light Strip

Kasa Smart LED Light Strip allows you to customize up to 16 million colors while maintaining high brightness and saturation for the best lighting throughout your home.

The Kasa Smart light strip has advanced animated lighting effects and a variety of preset products to choose from. A one-of-a-kind lighting experience for your television, gaming rig, parties, or general ambiance.

You can use the Kasa App to control your light strip from anywhere or use Alexa or Google Assistant to control it with your voice. Change the brightness, colors, schedules, timers, activate away mode, etc.

Our Rating: 9/10

Kasa Smart LED Light Strip
  • Single-area colour Led strip
  • Easy setup with the native app
  • Works with Home Assistant (Hass.io)
  • Cheap price compare to other strip lights
  • There is no lamination to cover the circuits
  • Not as bright as other lights such as hue or Sengled
  • Misleading flexible cutting strip

Onforu White LED Strip Light

Onforu White LED Strip Light comprises three rolls of 16.4ft (5m) Strip Light, totaling 450 high quality and large 2835 LEDs. It is sufficient to decorate a large room. For example, the ceiling in your bedroom or living room, the kitchen, the corridor, the stairs, and other areas.

A dimmer switch (included) easily controls this strip light, allowing you to adjust the brightness as needed. The adhesive tape on the self-adhesive back makes it safe and easy to apply, and LED ribbon lights can be cut alongside the cutting marks on the copper sheet without damaging the remaining strips.

Our Rating: 8/10

Onforu White LED Strip Light
  • The quality of the light itself is outstanding
  • The self-adhesive quality is awesome
  • Contains cutting line
  • Dimmer works great
  • Very easy to install
  • The LEDs are may so spaced out
  • Quitre expensive

SYLVANIA Mosaic Flexible Light Strip

SYLVANIA MOSAIC is fun, versatile, and adaptable. Your dimmable LED strips can be changed to 16 different colors, including white, using the provided wireless remote.

There is 10 feet total of light strips that can be trimmed with scissors to fit any space. Strips can be cut to fit where they are marked. Parts that have been chopped off are unable to be reassembled.

Our Rating: 8/10

Where to Cut LED Strip Lights
SYLVANIA Mosaic Flexible Light Strip
  • The lights are as bright and manageable
  • The quality of the light is very good
  • They are so easy to install
  • The remote is clunky and wouldn’t always work

Armacost Home LED Tape Light

The Armacost Home LED Tape Light is fully dimmable with 120 V-AC in-wall dimmers. It is either a plug-in or a direct wire installation. No assembly is required, and it is ready to use right out of the box.

Our Rating: 8/10

Armacost Home LED Tape Light
  • Very easy to install
  • Produces almost natural light
  • Works very well with wall dimmers
  • Remotes are not included

LED Light Strips which You Can’t Cut

There are a few types of light strips that should not be cut. The first is light strips that are individually controlled by an IC chip. These black chips are positioned after a few diodes along the light strip.

As a result, they can only control a few diodes at a time, hence the name. This allows each section of a light strip to display a different color. Furthermore, you risk damaging the entire section or roll if you cut.

The simple way to tell is, Examine the copper sections if you have your light strip. You can cut along the markings if they are marked with a small “scissor” icon.

If you don’t see a scissor icon and the copper markings, you won’t be able to cut your LED light strips.

Look for large black individual IC chips the size of an eraser head. This type of light strip is not cuttable.

You should avoid cutting RGBIC strip lights if you have them. Unlike traditional RGB or regular strip lights, they can control multiple colors independently. As a result, if they are severed, they will cease to function correctly.

Here is a list of best two traditional strip lights that can not be cut…

Deerport RL16-SW LED Rope Strip Light

The LED string lights come with a UL-approved power source and a built-in fuse surge protector, which can be used both indoors and outside.

A power adapter is great for outdoor use, and the LED lights can last up to 50,000 hours. In this case, the most advanced LED rope light has 360-degree shine technology, so there is no need to turn the lights facing away.

They can also be put together to meet your more enormous decorating needs. This strip of lights saves about 80% of incandescent lights’ energy. It’s easy to put together and comes with mounting hardware.

Deerport RL16-SW LED Rope Strip Light

Meilo Total Rope Light Home

A new LED technology called Meilo Total Rope Light Home makes it shine brighter than other lights on the market. The LEDs shine in every direction. It has technology that saves about 80% of the energy.

Where to Cut LED Strip Lights
Meilo Total Rope Light Home

Will both sides of an LED light work if it is cut?

Both sides of the light strip will work if they are cut at the proper markings and reconnected with the correct polarity.

Most light strips will have similar markings indicating where to cut. The copper sections that appear every couple of inches along the length of the light strip roll are where you will make your cut.

You should cut the light strip so that each side receives an equal amount of the copper markings.

When reconnecting, they will be able to make proper connection points to allow electrical current to flow through a connector and both sides of the light strip.

Issues That May Occur When Cutting Strip Lights

A common issue after modifying strip lights is cutting off too few of the copper points. When this occurs, there is insufficient copper for the connectors.

As the points below are no longer viable, a simple solution is to cut again on higher points. If your lights don’t work after you cut them, check to see if you cut them in the wrong place.

Always check with the LED manufacturer to ensure that the light strips can be cut. Because if they can’t be cut, you’ve damaged your lights and will need to purchase a new set.

Check the lights to see if they work and change colors without any issues after cutting and connecting points to connectors or soldering.

These extra steps eliminate the issue of sticking LEDs to a surface and then removing them because you made a mistake.


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